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California Poppy Mixed

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About Plant California Poppy “Mixed Colors” is an excellent choice for the wild poppy gardener that wants it all! This mix provides a dazzling display of all sorts of different hues of California Poppies – red, orange, yellow, white, and pink.It has Tulip Like Flowers Used For Borders And Salad Dressing. .

Propagation The California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is a naturally seeding colorful wildflower. The plant has a deep taproot and ferociously reseeds, making it a possible pest plant in some locations. The flowers are solitary on long stems, silky-textured, with four petals, each petal about 2 to 6 cm long and broad. The petals close at night (or in cold, windy weather) and open again the following morning, although they may remain closed in cloudy weather. California poppy is remarkably drought tolerant and quickly lays down mats of blue-green, lacy foliage and orange colorful blooms. It is an ornamental plant and it is used medicinally and in cooking. The plant is easy to establish by seed, as are all poppies, and thrives in full sun locations with highly fertile but well-drained soil. It survives mild winters in its native range, dying completely in colder climates. California poppy is useful as a container plant and also excels in sandy soil. Very little effort needs to be expended on the gardener’s part in the care of California poppy. It is a hardy and reliable performer with few needs outside occasion watering when young.

Product Seed
Easy to grow
Type Flowering
Preferred climate 20-25 Degree C
Germination Time 17-21 days C
Season to plant Aug,Sept,Oct or in Jan,Feb,March



  • To provide borders at Garden corners, Garden pathways, Garden .

  • To form flower beds in garden.

  • For landscaping at Pavements ,Garden Patios.

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