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Aster Pomponent Formula Mix

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About PlantAsterPomponent Sapphire' performs best when grown in a moist, well-drained medium with a slightly acidic pH of 6.0-6.5. Asters are heavy feeders and perform best when a constant liquid fertilization program is used, feeding at rates of 150-200 ppm nitrogen. Controlled-release fertilizers can be incorporated into the growing mixes at medium to high rates; applying 1.25-1.5 lbs. of nitrogen per yard of growing medium is recommended. It may be necessary to leach with clear water or to reduce the fertility rate on occasion if the soluble salts accumulate.

Propagation Growers commonly pinch asters to promote more branching and ç create a fuller pot. Asters grown in controlled environments or forced to bloom out of season often require pinching. Pinching usually occurs within two weeks of planting a rooted cutting into the final container, after the roots reach the sides and the bottom of the pot. Typically, growers make a soft pinch, leaving 4-6 leaves. Small container sizes, such as 4-inch pots, are usually pinched one time. Larger container sizes may require two pinches to create fuller pots and more blooms. If a second pinch is needed, it should occur 3-4 weeks following the first, leaving 3-4 leaves above the initial pinch. When producing asters for natural season blooming, all pinching should occur between July 25 and August 10. Later pinches delay flowering and may result in inadequate plant size at flowering..

Product Seed
Type Flowering
Preferred climate 20 to 30 (°C)
Germination Time 10-15 days
Season to plant All season


  • To provide borders at Garden corners, Garden pathways, Garden .

  • To form flower beds in garden.

  • For landscaping at Pavements ,Garden Patios.

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