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Lotus Flower Mixed Colour Seeds (Pack of 15 Seeds)

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At first glance, one might not think much of the lotus flower. The plant’s symmetry and colors are striking, sure, but beneath the lotus’s delicate exterior lies a deeper meaning nearly as old as time. The flower holds great symbolic weight in many Eastern cultures and is considered one of the most sacred plants in the world. So, what is it about this specific bloom that makes it oh so special? To start, the lotus has a life cycle unlike any other plant. With its roots latched in mud, it submerges every night into river water and miraculously re-blooms the next morning, sparklingly clean. In many cultures, this process associates the flower with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. With its daily process of life, death, and reemergence, its no wonder that the lotus holds such symbolism.

Propagation Water lotus (Nelumbo spp.) have a notoriously and unusually long period of viable germination. According to Victoria Adventure, evidence suggests that lotus seeds have been viable after over 200 years. Even if a seed is in the ideal conditions, it might remain dormant for decades. Their self-preservation and resistance to germination seem to serve several purposes. One that makes perfect sense is that lotuses spread readily by rhizomes and would smother any small seedling that might try to grow. Please read the following blog to understand how to germinate lotus from seeds .

Product Seed
Easy to grow
Type Flowering
Preferred climate 20-25 Degree C
Germination Time 10-15 days
Season to plant Winter



  • To form flower beds in ponds..

  • To use as cut flowers to arrange in Vases, Flower Vases.

  • Spiritually bright and positive flower that gives fresh vives

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