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Flacourtia Jangomas Lubica/Lovlolika/Vayyamkaitha Plant Exotic Plant For Terrace Gardening/Indoor

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Fruit Tree Which Bears Juicy Fruits Which Are Rounded Pink To Dark Red .Kids Will Love This Fruit For Sure. They Will Run To Your Garden To Take This Yummy Fruit. Have real pesticide free fruits from your garden , Great !! isn’t?? .

Product  Live plant in polybag
Lubika Flacourtia Jangomas
Fruit ,Ornamental Tree
Size 1 to 2 feet
Nature Easy to grow


About plant 

  • An easy-going fruit plant, it is well-suited for brightening your landscape and provide fresh fruits to your loved ones.Flacourtia jangomas, Indian plum, coffee plum, is a lowland and mountain rain forest tree in the Salicaceae or Willow Family.It is widely cultivated in Southeast and East Asia, and has escaped cultivation in a number of places.It is a small shrub or tree that grows to a height of 10m.It produces small white to green fragrant flowers.The fruit is eaten both raw and cooked as a jam, and the bark is sometimes used medicinally  

  • Plants are Shipped with Poly Bag and without pots .

  • The Fruits And Parts Of Plant Are Also Having Immense Medicinal Properties.

  • It is an outdoor plant .They prefer medium sunlight. Require moderately dry soil .Average home temperature of 17-27 degrees C is best suited for them .It prefers to have little moisture to its roots.

  • Comes In Secure Packing with Coco peat to ensure safe delivery.

  • Actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary from item to item.

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